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Clean Campaigns Colorado (CCC) was created in November 2006 by a diverse group of individuals interested in making publicly-financed campaigns possible in Colorado. CCC was formally registered with the Colorado Secretary of State's office as an issue committee in February 2007. Six members of this group met consistently over several months in 2007 to write proposed legislation that would lead to a reduction of the influence of money on who could run a competitive campaign for state-wide and general assembly offices in Colorado.

Sample legislation, based on that passed in Arizona, Connecticut, and Maine was used as a model for the proposed legislation. The drafting process was completed in early November 2007. After having it vetted by a number of individuals it was concluded that no sections would be unconstitutional and it was hoped that one or more legislators would introduce and support it in the state house or senate.

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This did not happen and the effort languished for over two years until it was decided to treat it as an initiative, an amendment to the Colorado constitution, and was given the title Colorado Citizen-Funded Campaigns. It was submitted to the State Legislative Council for review in January 2010. The initiative cleared the Legislative Council review process and was assigned the number 53. Initiative 53 was then submitted to the Secretary of State for consideration by the Ballot Title committee. A ballot title statement was created by the Secretary of State's Ballot Title committee and permission was given to proceed to print it and the proposed amendment in the format required for initiatives in Colorado.

Final approval was given by the Secretary of State to proceed with the initiative process on April 28. Petitions were printed and are in the process of being circulated by volunteers throughout Colorado.

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