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June 10, 2010

 Guess what? Just about four weeks to go before we turn in our Initiative 53 petitions to the Secretary of State. We are still finding new people who wish to circulate petitions and we could surely use many more. One possibility is to hold what might be called Grass Roots Neighborhood Coffees or Teas in neighborhoods across the state. If we could have 1000 of these meetings in the next four weeks and in each we found not only 10 signers but 10 people willing to also host a Grass Roots Neighborhood Coffee or Tea in their neighborhood and each of them also found 10 new neighbors to sign our Initiative 53 petitions, we would in effect have one hundred thousand signatures!! It is worth the try.

In the meantime do not forget the Hightower event tomorrow evening, Friday June 11, at the Stapleton Central Park Festival Area, 9001 MLK Blvd, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The speakers include Jim Hightower, Polly Baca, Patty Calhoun, and Matt Bergles. Music will be provided by Kenny Perkins and the Nightshift. Come one, come all, for an inspiring evening where our lofty aspirations and goals for Colorado will be the primary focus of the event.

Also, bring in completed petitions, notarized of course, and pick up new ones if you so desire. Remember, if the notary’s address is not included in the notary’s imprint, please write the notary’s address on the back of the petition…not on the petition itself! Thank you very much for continuing to try to make Colorado the 4th state in our nation to make it possible for any qualified citizen to run for state-wide or general assembly office without having to beg individuals or groups with money to finance their campaigns.

 Respectfully, Jim Hoffmeister
first signature for ballot initiative 53


Colorado Citizen-Funded Campaigns

If you are willing to help cover some of our costs - even a little will help - we are volunteers:
Please make checks payable to Clean Campaigns Colorado
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