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Voter Owned Elections

Portland Leads, The Nation Follows – September 23rd 2010

Today, the Fair Elections Now Act received a historic vote in the House Administration Committee, winning approval so it is positioned for a vote on the House floor. Portland helped lead the way for this reform with adoption of Voter-Owned Elections in 2005.
Janice Thompson, Executive Director of Common Cause Oregon, enthusiastically drew the parallel between the national victory and the ongoing local battle for reform here. “Just as Common Cause Oregon and a growing group of coalition partners are working to retain Portland’s innovative Voter-Owned Elections by urging a “yes” vote on 26-108, Common Cause and a broad coalition has been working tirelessly to achieve this reform victory at the national level.” [... more]


Portland to vote in November on whether to continue "voter owned elections"

This November, Portlanders will have a chance to decide whether or not to continue the city's public campaign financing program, also known as "voter-owned elections." The program provides between $150,000 and $200,000 (depending on the election) to any candidate running for city commissioner, mayor or auditor who is are able to collect five dollar donations from 1,000 people.

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If Portland votes to continue, this may indicate a way forward by concentrating at the city level for a while.

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