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Maine Clean Election Act

2010 Maine Governor's Race
Campaign reports detail who received what

At the moment, the publicly funded candidate seems to have the most money:

Democrat Elizabeth "Libby" Mitchell is a publicly funded candidate; she has received $690,000 from the state for the general election and has $640,000 in cash on hand.

"The Maine Clean Election Act (MCEA) established a voluntary program of full public financing of political campaigns for candidates running for Governor, State Senator, and State Representative. Maine voters passed the MCEA as a citizen initiative in 1996."

... "In the 2008 general election, 81% of the legislative candidates participated in the MCEA."

Maine's campaign finance law, known as the Clean Elections Act is different from those in other states because those who agree to accept public funding must forego any private contributions (beyond a small amount of "seed money" and qualifying contributions) and run an entirely "clean" campaign.

The vast majority of [Maine] candidates are meeting the requirements on qualifying contributions.

About 80 percent of the candidates for the Legislature who sought public financing have been approved to receive the funds.

The Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices said that, of the 334 candidates in the June 8 primaries for the House and Senate, 265 submitted the required number of $5 qualifying contributions and swore off private funding.

A publicly financed House candidate must collect at least 60 $5 contributions from voters in their district; a Senate candidate must collect 175.

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