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Arizona - Citizens Clean Elections Act

"The U.S. Supreme Court derailed a key part of Arizona's campaign financing system on Tuesday, preventing the state from giving extra money to publicly funded candidates facing privately funded rivals and changing the election rules in the thick of primary season."

"The court stopped Arizona from disbursing so-called matching funds at least until it decides whether to hear the opponents' full appeal."
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The Citizens Clean Elections Act was passed by the people of Arizona in 1998 to level the playing field when it comes to running for office. The Act allows candidates, running for the Legislature or statewide offices the opportunity to forgo special interest money by collecting a certain number of $5 donations. In return, the candidate will receive full funding for their campaigns. 

Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission website

Lessons Learned from Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Initiative
Lessons learned in Arizona regarding Citizens Clean Elections -- Presented by Todd Lang, Colorado Be the Change Forum (2-13-10)

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