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Colorado 2010 Ballot Initiative # 53
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Shall state taxes be increased $28 million annually by an amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning publicly financed campaigns for state elective offices, and, in connection therewith, creating a Colorado citizens-funded campaign fund to be funded by an annual assessment on each individual state income tax return of no less than five dollars and no more than ten dollars and an annual assessment on each joint state tax return of no less than ten dollars and no more than twenty dollars; permitting candidates who run for statewide elective office, the general assembly, the state board of education, and the board of regents of the university of Colorado to seek to become eligible to receive public funding for their primary or general election campaigns by raising a specified amount of seed money contributions and qualifying contributions; specifying criteria for a candidate's eligibility for public funds, including contribution and expenditure limits, a prohibition on the acceptance of private contributions, and required participation in at least one public debate; authorizing the secretary of state to place a notification on the ballot of the names of candidates participating in the system; creating the Colorado citizen-funded campaigns commission to administer the system, including the authority to determine the amount of the annual assessment and to certify candidates as eligible for moneys from the fund; allocating moneys from the fund to eligible candidates based upon historical data on moneys spent by the winning candidate in prior election cycles for the applicable office; and imposing civil penalties and forfeiture of office for a violation of contribution or expenditure limits or reporting requirements?

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Colorado Citizen Funded Campaigns Ballot Initiative # 53 - 58K pdf

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