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The only two candidates that are on the ballot in over 2/3 of the states and have qualified for and accepted Federal Election Commission presidential campaign matching funds are being excluded from the 2012 presidential debates by the private Commission on Presidential Debates.

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 June 21, 2010

 What an exciting time! Over 500 petitions have been given to over 150 circulators and since some of you have just really started it is hard to tell how we are really doing. However, one person has actually completed 7 petitions with over 600 signatures and many more of you have completed three or four petitions with at least 200 signatures. This is amazing! On the other hand, we have only about three weeks to go (July 10), so we have begun to realize that it is increasingly unlikely that we will meet our goal of 100 thousand signatures by July 10. I (Jim Hoffmeister) spent several hours last Friday (June 19) talking with many of you about where we are in this process and what our next steps should be. The nearly unanimous agreement is that we should suspend efforts to collect further signatures at this time. Our solid estimate is 3,600 signatures collected based on our requests for update information. But even if all 500 petitions were filled completely and notarized, that would still be only around 30,000 signatures, still far short of the needed 100,000.

There are several aspects to this closure process. First and foremost the fact that so many of you have been passionately engaged in this effort is both rewarding and remarkable. This outpouring of support demonstrates how important and significant our efforts are in trying to reform how we elect people to statewide and general assembly offices in Colorado. The fact that we have fallen short of our goal at this point in time is partially due to the very compressed time period we had to gather signatures and the fact that we are all novices in such an effort and we have had to learn and develop ideas and materials as we proceeded. Remember, we did not even have any petitions to circulate until April 29! Next time we will start much earlier and give ourselves the maximum time possible.

So, what now? First, we need to get all the petitions returned to Clean Campaigns Colorado as soon as possible. They do not need to be notarized. None of them will be turned over to the Secretary of State. However, we would like to know how many signatures were actually collected in this short six week period. If you had told us last December that we would be where we are today we would have responded with “you gotta be kidding.” Yet, here we are: a totally grass roots effort that has come from the passion, concern, and efforts of a few dedicated individuals to the beginning of a state-wide network with thousands of supporters that will provide the starting point for our next petition effort. We think we should all congratulate each other on what we have accomplished and learned in such a short period of time!

So here we are. We plan to have a meeting shortly after July 4 where we can share ideas, concerns, etc. with each other. We have learned a great deal from our efforts and all those with whom we have talked are ready to continue them in 2011.

Jim Hoffmeister
Joel Leventhal


Guess what? Just about four weeks to go before we turn in our Initiative 53 petitions to the Secretary of State. We are still finding new people who wish to circulate petitions and we could surely use many more. One possibility is to hold what might be called Grass Roots Neighborhood Coffees or Teas in neighborhoods across the state. If we could have 1000 of these meetings in the next four weeks and in each we found not only 10 signers but 10 people willing to also host a Grass Roots Neighborhood Coffee or Tea in their neighborhood and each of them also found 10 new neighbors to sign our Initiative 53 petitions, we would in effect have one hundred thousand signatures!! It is worth the try.

In the meantime do not forget the Hightower event tomorrow evening, Friday June 11, at the Stapleton Central Park Festival Area, 9001 MLK Blvd, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The speakers include Jim Hightower, Polly Baca, Patty Calhoun, and Matt Bergles. Music will be provided by Kenny Perkins and the Nightshift. Come one, come all, for an inspiring evening where our lofty aspirations and goals for Colorado will be the primary focus of the event.

Also, bring in completed petitions, notarized of course, and pick up new ones if you so desire. Remember, if the notary’s address is not included in the notary’s imprint, please write the notary’s address on the stiff back page of the petition…not on the petition itself!

Thank you very much for continuing to try to make Colorado the 4th state in our nation to make it possible for any qualified citizen to run for state-wide or general assembly office without having to beg individuals or groups with money to finance their campaigns.

Jim Hoffmeister Citizen Funded Election Campaigns Meeting
Friday evening - June 11 - Denver, Colorado
Be the Change is hosting Jim Hightower and Polly Baca, this Friday evening, with a program about the Cleanup of Colorado's Political Campaigns - June 11th at Founders Green Amphitheater by the old Stapleton airport - should be a great program.

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